Welcome to Musicheads mixing and mastering studios. We have professional sound engineers with over 10 years experience and best equipment to make your track sound perfect. For more information, list of services and prices, please send us an email:
Studio Equipment

Mytek 8x192 - premium quality AD/DA converter
Lavry AD122 96-MKIII - high end AD converter
Lavry Gold 3000S - digital sample rate converter
Lynx AES 16e

Digital Playback:
Presonus central station plus
Avid Pro Tools 9
Cubase 7
Ableton 8
Steinberg Wavelab 7
Sony Soundforge 10
Genex GX 8000 - MO Recorder

Analog Processing:
Thermionic Culture Phoenix - Tube compressor
Universal Audio 2-1176 - Fet compressor
Dangerous 2 Bus - Summing mixer
Universal Audio La2a - Classic opto compressor
Bricasti M7 - Digital Reverb
Ensoniq ASR-10 - Digital Reverb and Sampler

Optimus 719 - as main 15' inch 3-way monitor
ProAc Studio 100 - reference near field studio monitor
Yamaha HS-80
Edifier К 1900 T III
Threshold S600 - High End power amp
Dangerous Monitor ST - discrete monitor controller
Sennheiser HD 650
Sony RP-DJ1210

Digital Audio Workstation:
Apple Mac Pro + Apple Cinema 23'
PC + Benq 24' + Nec 20'


Mogami, Neutrik, Proel, Furutech, Rean, Kimber Kable