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Mytek 8x192 - premium quality AD/DA converter
Lavry AD122 96-MKIII - high end AD converter
Lavry Gold 3000S - digital sample rate converter
Lynx AES 16e

Digital Playback:
Presonus central station plus
Avid Pro Tools 9
Cubase 7
Ableton 8
Steinberg Wavelab 7
Sony Soundforge 10
Genex GX 8000 - MO Recorder

Analog Processing:

Thermionic Culture Phoenix - Tube compressor
Universal Audio 2-1176 - Fet compressor
Dangerous 2 Bus - Summing mixer
Universal Audio La2a - Classic opto compressor
Bricasti M7 - Digital Reverb
Ensoniq ASR-10 - Digital Reverb and Sampler


Optimus 719 - as main 15' inch 3-way monitor
ProAc Studio 100 - reference near field studio monitor
Yamaha HS-80
Edifier К 1900 T III
Threshold S600 - High End power amp
Dangerous Monitor ST - discrete monitor controller
Sennheiser HD 650
Sony RP-DJ1210

Digital Audio Workstation:

Apple Mac Pro + Apple Cinema 23'
PC + Benq 24' + Nec 20'


Mogami, Neutrik, Proel, Furutech, Rean, Durex, Kimber Kable


Roland JX8P
Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition
Disco DSP Discovery
Arturia CS-80
Arturia ARP2600
Arturia Analog Factory